Learning FreeCAD Part 2: Modeling The Switch Housing

I have learnt alot, a hell of alot! Through the tutorials and basic tinkering with FreeCAD I have managed to get to creating a model of the side of my CNC machine with a void to house the switch. This was a case of padding a rectangle and pocketing the space for the switch using the part design and sketch workbench. I refered back to the lego tutorial that came with the manual but this ws only useful so far, as when I got to the path design the manual broke down somewhat and didn’t match wht I was seeing on screen. I managed to pull information from many sources to allow me to produce the path design for the project and output it to GCode. I will put together a tutorial of how I designed and configured the project from blank canvas to GCode output for my reference in the future and for anyone hitting the same issues ass what I did.

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