Supplying Power

It’s been a while! Well working in a cold workshop is not been at the top of my list and being back at work after the long break has thrown me a bit so I spent some time over January updating my project blog. But today I was back! The items that I had ordered finally appeared in the post.

First thing first was attaching the new motor coupler to the y-axis. If you remember back to an earlier post I was having some trouble with noise (not in the electrical form but in the auditable). The new motor coupler has an internal plastic bafflers that helps reduce vibration, and it does the trick! The y-axis is now much quieter. After configuring the maximum acceleration of the y-axis <instructions link going here needed) I finally closed up the base by attaching the waste-board and moved on to the main electrics.

To power the machine I want the main power unit and router to run off one plug allowing me to add the on/off switch and an emergency stop to control both. This was achieved by attaching a power strip inside the electronics closure for the router and power unit to plug into. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice my home made lab top power supply which I will at some point also integrate the voltage outputs into the CNC machine so it can take on the same role. I removed the power unit from the Half Life 2 tin and placed it into the machine. I shortened the power lead and plugged into the power strip. The whole machine now runs off a single plug.

I finished the day with cutting the last holes into the waste-board.

The next job is to attach the inline line on/off switch attached along with the emergency stop. This is where I need to use the machine to embed the components into the side walls.

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