Z-axis Wire Bundling

My attention was drawn to neatening the wiring around the router and z-axis motor consisting of motor and router wires (and also limit switch wiring once I get round to solving that problem!)  I needed the wiring to be together to stop it from snagging but  able to flex under axis travel. I resorted in bundling all the wires together and housing them in some old hose pipe that I had slit down one side. This was then attached to the z-axis via hose clips that were original salvage from an old plumping rubbish again from my kitchen rip out.

Affter attaching the wasteboard  I finished with some more circle tests and I was pleased to see that the hose pipe idea worked a treat (except the worm screw from the z-axis motor coupler felt out again). I also had a thought about the power supply that I sourced for the project but not using at the moment. I don’t think I would have enough amps to drive the motors. I know the current power supply works fine so I will just use that instead.

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