Minor Tweaking

Today was a day of tweaking and improving. I wanted to lift the motor away from the acrylic to pull the motor coupler further into the hole in the side support. As I didn’t have any tubular spacers a large number of small washers (I think 32 in all) were added to the bolts that mounted the motor. This allowed for more room to accommodate a bearing in front of the motor coupler to help guide and reduce vibration of the lead-screw. The hole that the motor spindle passed through was widened to allow the coupler to slip through without being detached from the motor or lead-screw eliminating the need to dismantle the entire x-axis just to get to the motor or lead-screw. I also needed to prop up the waste-board as it was sitting way too low, the router bit was around an inch away from the top. I used the off cut that I trimmed from the board and glue and screwed these to the bottom to increase the thickness

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