X-axis Acrylic Supports

I opted for a support to be made out of two pieces of acrylic screwed together as I felt the thickness of the material I had was a bit on the thin side. Rather than taking the measurement of bar separation from the current build I used the x-axis base assembly and a transfer punch to transfer the position of the supporting bars, marking the hole and drilling on the pillar drill. I made sure that the holes were tight enough to hold the supporting bars without them moving so the bar collars could be attached and their hole patterned punches and drilled (similar process as per the Z-axis). The top bar hole was ovalled out slightly to allow for small adjustments. More holes were drilled to hold the two pieces of acrylic together with bolts.

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New y-axis posts cut and drilled. #CNC

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I drilled a small hole in the centre between the supporting bars for the motor shaft. A transfer punch was jammed into the hole and by slamming the z axis assembly into the transfer punch I was able to transfer the position onto the x axis lead screw mounting block. After bit of dismantling and drilling I had the nut mounted. This did take 3 attempts as I was unhappy with the workmanship of the first nut housing block so I decided to start again, followed by the acrylic being miss aligned on the pillar drill causing the mounting holes to burst through the sides. The third was the winner!

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