Z-axis almost there

The new acrylic construction had progressed to a point where I have almost a complete Z axis. A tip worth mention to get the placement of the supporting bars in line with the sliding bearings as it is vital for everything to operate smoothly before. I achieved this by placing the tool assembly with the bearings in the position bearing down on the side supports. I then took a 8mm transfer punch (the same size as the supporting bars) and slid these through the bearings driving the point into the acrylic below to mark the centre of the holes where the supporting rods will be. I repeated the process for the other bearing. I took a measurement of the distance between these marks with a set of digital calipers for checks later. I then drilled a small hole on the mark at the same size of the smallest drill bit / transfer punch combination I had. I used this as a template for the other supporting side again marking the holes this time with the smaller transfer punch and checking the separation measurements match with the previous measurement. I then drilled the 8mm holes and pushed the bars into the holes for a tight fit. This allowed me to attach, mark and drill the bar mountings knowing they will be exactly in line.

(Need images for each step).

I also cut a piece of acrylic to hold the lead screw nut. This was the height of the bearing with two mounting holds drilled through the width of the acrylic allowing it to be attach to the base.

Next came the issue of how I am going to attach the X axis base to the side supports of the Z axis. I opted for a combination of a main centre bolt that was super glued into a hole along with supporting bolts that were locked into position via an access hole (picture needed). I had to make sure that the holes drilled into the acrylic were dead straight to allow the load to be distributed and to keep the acrylic from splitting. A slow drilled speed was required to stop the surrounding acrylic expanding or melting increasing the chance of breaking through and destroying the piece.

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