X-axis base plate

Progressed to work on the X axis bearing plate that will allow the X axis to control the Z axis via the lead screw. This is a simple piece of acrylic attached to four bearings which slide along the X axis supporting bars (very similar to the tool mount but without the U-bolts.

The plate was cut in accordance to the width of the tool assemble keeping the foot print as small as possible which maximise travel along the x axis bars. The bearing blocks were then attached to the X axis supporting bars and the base clamped to them. With a few pushes up and down the full length of the bars to ensure smooth running I clamped down the bearing hard, gave a few more pushes to check and then proceeded to use a transfer punch through the back of the bearing mounting holes to transfer the drill pattern.

I then drilled the pattern and attached the bearings to check all was ok. At this point it is important to note that it is essential you tighten all the holding bolts for the bearings the same amount. Over or under tightening of a signal bolt can pull the bearing slightly off by a few half millimetres and add additional friction to the bar. Unfortunately on transferring the drill pattern one of the holes was drilled slightly off centre resulting in the bolt being a fraction off the hole so I resorted to the old work around technique of moving up a drill bit size and increasing the hole diameter to accommodate some wiggle room for the bolt. I now have the a base to mount the Z-axis assembly on.

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Mount to hold the Z-axis taking shape for the #CNC machine.

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