Open Ram Air Foil Build

The winter of 2006 I decided to create a foil based on already present working plans. I scanned the many foil design forums and found one of the most popular kites to make was the Gual. I decided to make some alterations to nearer the kite to a Bow foil. I decreased the aspect ratio, increased the profile depth and altered the bridle to pull more over the tips and to give a good canopy curve. The result was an extremely stable kite that would not front stall no mater how hard I tried. Even in gusty conditions running under the kite with slack lines would just result in the kite drifting back into the window.

The only problems I found is that the kite had little upwind pull. This could be down to a combination of the cheap set of handles that I bought (they made my hands bleed after the first session) and the small size of the kite.

Alterations for the kite would be to decrease the profile depth and/or increase the aspect ratio so the kite would be able to travel further to the edge of the window. To change the shape of the kite to allow the bridles to support more of the front of the kite and to decrease the amount of bridles used thus decreasing drag.

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