Nasa Power Wing (3.5 meter)

This was the first kite I made after seeing a holiday kiter buggying with a 9 meter NPW 5 up and down Gwithian beach in virtually no wind whilst I struggled to get a 13 meter Psycho 2 into the air. After a friendly chat and a quick introduction to NPW’s I went off and started my search to only find that they were discontinued by many shops. I ended up comming to the decision that the easiest way to own one was to make one from available plans found on the internet

The homemade kite was made out of heavy sand coloured military ripstop and flo green and pink bridles, not the best choice of materials but it performed faultlessly. The first flight of the kite was on handles attached straight to the bridles in 30mph+ winds with horizontal rain. Though spending most of time trying to remove the kite from my friend faces like it was a Halflife headcrab, once in the air the kite flew extremely well and marked the beginning of my kite making adventures.

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